Responsible Travel Policy


Eco Travel Shop Responsible Travel Policy
We are an independent, UK based tour operator. Eco Travel is a business with aims  to change tourism for the long-term benefit of local people, for tourists, for the environment and for the tourism industry in our destinations. 
Respect for local people, their cultures, traditions, religions and environment are essential to our philosophy. We and our partners  work hard to ensure our groups have a positive impact on the places and people they visit.
Our Principles
Those who implement and participate in our ecotourism activities should follow the following ecotourism principles:
1. Minimize impact.
2. Involves travel to natural destinations.
3. Build environmental and cultural awareness and respect.
4. Provide direct financial benefits for conservation.
5. Provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people.
6. Respect local culture.
7. Support human rights and demographic movement.
Eco Travel Shop Responsible Travel


Eco Travel Shop Responsible Travel

We encourage travellers to be responsible. They are not only responsible for themselves, but also responsible for locals and other tourist who may be around them. Our tours and holidays are somewhat similar to educational travel, but is much more active. In other words, the educational aspect of our holidays may teach others about how they can better serve their world, but the responsible aspect of ecotourism ensures that what they teach is actually done. That includes the promotion of water and energy conservation and recycling tactics.


Cape Town Declaration

As a principle Eco Travel Shop recognises and supports the 2002 Cape Town Declaration. We insists that all collaborators are ethical and eco-friendly businesses which benefit the local economy, promote ethical labour practices and work in line with conservation and sustainable environmental policies.


Local Labour

All of guides used in the destinations we visit are licenced local guides with proper national accreditation where demanded by law, for all of our guiding activities. As well as contributing to the local economy, this practice ensures that our passengers learn about the region that they are visiting first hand from someone who knows the area(s) intimately and provides local employment.


Eco Friendly Accommodations

To accommodate our guests we only use small family run guesthouses, lodges, historical boutique hotels that employ local workers. In the case of larger hotels, Eco Travel Shop only collaborate with non-chain locally owned establishments.




Discover the main charities and projects we support below. On top of these charities that we support financially, we sponsor many which our customers can visit or support whilst on our trips. Trips include:

Our Turkey tours- We support Dekamer (, a small sea turtle research, rescue and rehabilitation centre in Turkey, and you can visit their centre.

International Ecotourism Society (TIES):

We are member of The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) and work alongside TIES.

The TIES is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting ecotourism. Founded in 1990, TI


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